Screen Printing Section
We produce multi color screen printing through automated machines. We use ribbon from Leader China, King-China, Sky-India, Turkey and from our in house production. Our ink & chemical are from Focus UK and curring is done on Focus machine as per technical data sheet. With all above we ensure quality print with confident washing fastness.

Screen Printing Techniques:
Automatic Screen printing .

Screen Printing on:
Cotton tape, Polyester tape, nylon tape, PC tape, Twill tape etc .

Screen Printed Label Cutting and folding Types:
Cold cut, hot cut or ultrasonic cut in single cut, endfold, loopfold and mitrefold.
Our Screen Printing Machines
3 Color automatic silk screen printing machine SPE3000 1 No.
1 automatic silk screen printing machine 2011 2 Nos
1 automatic silk screen printing machine 2012 1 Nos
Screen stretching machine 1 No.
Auto Emulsion Coating machine 1 No.
Screen exposing machine 2011 1 No.
Screen Dying Oven 1 No.