Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to provide a world class level of service and quality,first time and every time,at a competitive price. We are aware of the value of teamwork both within our staffs and with our suppliers.

Emphasis is placed on communication and staffs are trained regularly to keep abreast of all new developments. Staffs are encouraged to develop their own personal standards within a healthy and safe environment.

In production process, we have systematic pre-production QC, Online QC and Post-production QC to ensure best quality always. Our aim is on continuous improvement within all aspects of our business.

IN-HOUSEOur in-house Test Lab operated by experienced professionals ensures confident quality. We get third party test for every incoming lot and do everyday regular testing in our in-house lab.

Lab Equipment:1. Mellow Color System-UK.
2. Spectro Photo Meter.
3. Net Profiler Pro.
4. Color Fastness.
5. Sublimation Test.
6. Color Fastness against washing.
7. Crock Meter.
8. Dimensional Stability.

Post Production Facilities:
a) Ultrasonic Slitted Edge.

b) Ultrasonic Cut and Fold.

c) Hot cut/ Cold cut.

d) Laser Die cut.

e) Centre fold/ End Fold/Mitre Fold.

f) Manhattan Fold/Book Fold/Cross Fold/Envelop Fold.

g) Starching.

h) Calendaring.

i) Adhesive.