Needle Ribbon
Our complete set with full range of machineries from Mageba, Germany enables us to produce reliable quality product.

a) Plain tape
b) Twill tape
c) Herringbone tape
d) Single side satin
e) Both side satin
f) Elastic tape.
g) Canvus tape

Cotton,Polyster, Nylon or any blend of these.

Calendered,Startching, Dyed, Soft finish.

Our Needle Ribbon Machineries
1.Needle Machines from Mageba, Germany.
2. Needle Machines with elastic attachment.
3. Warping Machine with creel.
4. 3-Rolls Calendering Machine
5. Finishing Machine with elastic feeder.
6. Roll Winding Machine.
7. Braiding M/C.
8. Bobbin Winder.