Heat Transfer Section
For heat transfer printing we have the world's best technology from Focus, UK. We can produce multi color Offset print or multi color screen print or we can have combination of all these as required. We have facility to apply powder backing or adhesive solution. Our in-house laboratory tests determines appropriate technical parameters to ensure washing fastness. We always use perfectos ink and chemicals which ensures quality product always.

Heat Transfer Label Types:
a) Roll format
b) Single format
c) Flock
d) Reflective
e) Sublimation
f) Tag Less Labels.
g) Photo Print

Our Flexo Printing Machineries
Tagtrans 150 Flatbed printing machine with powder applicator Focus UK 1 No.
Tagtrans LX6+2 color printing machine with powder applicator Focus UK 1 No.
Oblique screen printing machine 1 No.
IR+UV800 IR+UV dryer 2 No.
Vertical Screen Printing Machine 2 Nos.
Auto Screen Stretching Machine 1 No.
Auto Emulsion Coating Machine 1 No.
Screen Drying Machine 1 No.
Screen Exposer Machine 1 No.